The Linen Thread

The Linen Thread was made over the course of 2015 and is now out of print.


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The poem dot lineage, printed in The Linen Thread #8,
was first published in The Steel Chisel (Sept. 2015)
Elisha May Rubacha reads the poem rope climbing in four dimensions,
which appears in The Linen Thread #1:

rope climbing in four dimensions

like you force your eyes blurry
to see the 3D picture hidden,
flick blake sets her vision to four.

connect the dots hacky sack in timeline,
moments of contact marked,
a finger tracing flesh tattooed.
eyes change and the lines show.

she grabs hold, and pulls herself along.
always pulses with ropes writhing,
clinging to the rigging
of a burning knot.

there is a moment of everywhere
before somewhere arrives
under flick blake’s boots.